The South African Canine Breed Registry was founded with the commitment to providing prompt, courteous, and economical service to Elite pet owners while maintaining integrity in the documentation of professional pedigrees and the registration of purebred dogs. Run by true believers dedicated to the upmost humane care of all Companion Animals with a 16 Year track record.

Registering a Canine with us is painless with our simplified forms and speedy services. Download and complete your required SACBR Application Documents obtainable from us in the links below. You are welcome to use our online Litter registration facility. (if in Doubt, contact us for assistance or request your required applications via e-mail:

WE WILL BE OPEN DECEMBER 2018 (Closed 25, 26 December & January 1st only)

In association with the French Bulldog breed Council, Inqaba Biotech SA animal Genetics, Canine Development Registry of SA, South African Cat Breed Registry and ”ABRA” American Bulldog Registry & Archives. Acceptable registration bodies: Kusa, Csa, Ieytc, Gear, SA Studbook & International Pedigrees.


Canine Registration Documents:

(Click on documents provided in red to open and download)

  1. Breeder Kennel Affix application – New Kennel Affix Breeder Certificate Application.
  2. Single Dog Registration  – Adult Registered Canine with own pedigree.
  3. Single Dog Registration with parents pedigrees. – Unregistered Adult Canine with parents pedigree.
  4. Multiple Dog Registration – Registration of Multiple Adult Registered Canines.
  5. Litter Registration – Registration of a Complete Canine Puppy Litter.
  6. SACBR C.O.E 2018 – Code of Ethics, Signatory by all Kennel Affix Holders.

NB: Please do not send registrations without a proof of payment. (Attach to email, Fax or Cell message).


Free Inoculation Cards & Free Pet Birth Certificates & Sales Contract:

 (Click on documents provided in red to open and download)

  1. SACBR Vet Inoculation Card Front & SACBR Vet Inoculation Card Back
  2. SACBR Pet Birth Certificate
  3. SACBR Pet Sales Contract ”A” & SACBR Pet Sales Contract ”B”


Disclaimer Notice:

The SACBR reserve the right to accept and/or decline any pedigree certificate at their discretion with or without declaring cause for acceptance and/or declining of a pedigree certificate.

The South Africa Canine Breed Registry cannot guarantee that dogs registered with the SACBR or their progeny are free from any inheritable or congenital defects or guarantee any standard of performance. The SACBR serves as a registry for purebred dogs and is a voluntary association of its members. The SACBR does not register breeders; they register Kennel Affix Names and have no legislative powers to adjudicate between parties in dispute over the purchase & sale of puppies.


SACBR Office Hours:

Monday to Thursday: 9h00-16h00 – Friday: 08h00-12h00

The SACBR Office Staff contact details:

Philippe Lesage Phone: 27 (0) 74 129 6137 (Canines & Felines) – Registrar

Barend Lesage Phone: 27 (0) 74 129 6137 (Canines & Felines) – Admin

Fax: 27 (0)86 541 1760 – E-Mail:

Postal address:

SACBR Lesage
47 Taft Street
Brakpan, 1541
Gauteng, South Africa

SACBR Face Book (Please like our page and share)


SACBR Mission Statement

The South African Canine/Cat Breed Registry is dedicated to upholding the integrity of its registry, promoting purebred dogs and breeding for type and function. The SACBR and its affiliated organizations advocate for the purebred dog as a family companion, advance canine health and well-being, work to protect the rights of all dog owners and promote responsible dog ownership.

Our Objective:

 • Advance the study, and maintenance of purebred dogs & Cats.

Our Core Values :

 • We love purebred dogs  • We are committed to advancing the sport of the purebred dog • We are dedicated to maintaining the integrity of our registry • We protect the health and well-being of all dogs • We cherish dogs as companions • We are committed to the interests of dog owners • We uphold high standards for the administration and operation of the SACBR. We urge all responsible purebred dog owners and breeders to strengthen the image of our canines.

Sole Proprietor  Registration No: 352120877

 The Sacbr is a registered trade mark.

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