SACBR NOTICE 18/09/2017

As agreed by both IEYTC & Pedigree Association for Canine Elites – PACE as well as SACBR Canines & Felines:

As of Monday, 18 September 2017, NO Extreme Piebald Yorkshire Terrier, with or without blue eyes, will be eligible for registration without a BAER-test being performed!!!

Tests to be performed on the following:
?Blue Diamond Extreme Piebald Non-Merle of all varieties (eg, Biro, Biewer etc.)
?Blue Diamond Extreme Piebald Berries of all variety (eg, Chocoberry, Blueberry, Mulberry/Redberry etc)
?Extreme Piebald of all varieties (eg, Biro, Biewer etc.)
?Extreme Piebald Berries of all variety (eg, Chocoberry, Blueberry, Mulberry/Redberry etc)

Bilateral hearing passes the test and will be eligible for Full registration.
Unilateral or bilateral deafness fails and will only be eligible for Pet-Only registration.

?Extreme Piebald – Any Canine 80% or more white in colour
?BAER-test – Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response test






SACBR NOTICE 17/02/2017/7

As from 17/02/2017 the SACBR is a ”Closed studbook”, we will not register any New dogs or cats under the development section. only dogs and cats with proven 3 generation pedigrees will be excepted. Philippe Lesage SACBR Founder.


Written by: Theresa Edwards

Who needs the circus just come to my house it’s for free! Wake up this am to dogs frantically barking at the fence as the cows had strolled over. The dogs were basically throwing the “F” bombs at them in doggy language. One mommy cow decided her kids the calves should not be hearing all these profanities so she tried to head butt the offending dog who was closest who happened to be Nana … all flipping hell breaks loose … Nana is incensed and literally foaming at the mouth in her anger and embarrassment at being nearly head butted by a bloody cow but carefully sidestepping the 3 electric strands at the bottom of the fence! Harley the rescue JR decides her mate had been unceremoniously aggrieved and rushes in to kill the offender total disregarding the fact there are 3 vicious lines of electricity separating her from the bovine! So she gets wacked! Screams and this summons Peaches the Tiny Yorkie who decides she has had enough of this entire head butting, mooing, barking and screaming she will just try get through the double gates and go and tackle the offender at the ankles from the rear. The bigger they are the harder they fall … right? Why is mummy screaming blue murder and hyperventilating? A peach asks. .. I got this mum!!! Oh crap Aunty Beauty just grabbed me and brought me inside! Man that cow was in my sights and ALL MINE! At least mummy has stopped screaming!



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Definition of Birth

The birth of puppies, also called the “whelping” of a litter, involves a complex chain of events medically referred to as “parturition.” Parturition is triggered by an even more complex cascade of hormonal changes that encourages the uterus of a pregnant female to expel its contents. Late in pregnancy, when the hormonal systems of the fetuses are relatively mature, the adrenal glands of the puppies and their mother start secreting lots of corticosteroids (so-called “stress hormones”). This causes the placenta’s that are attached to each fetus by its umbilical cord to release a hormone called prostaglandin F2 alpha (PF2). PF2 causes the mother’s ovaries to stop producing progesterone, a hormone that is essential to sustaining her pregnancy. As a result, the mother’s previously tightly-closed cervix relaxes, softens, opens and allows the puppies to exit through the birth canal and come out into the big bold world.


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In the Dog Behavior Center you will find a comprehensive list of the most common and important behavior situations relating to dogs. As an owner, a dog’s behavior plays a key role in making a great pet. If your dog’s behavior could use some improvement, or you are just looking for a new trick to work on, then this is the center for you. Here, you can will find great information and “How to” instructions for working on your dog behavior needs.

The Dog Behavior list includes many of the most common tricks and behavior problems seen in dogs. Popular dog behavior topics include Teaching your dog to roll over and dog aggression.


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The Dog Health Information Center is an increasingly comprehensive list and accompanying information about the many health and behavioral conditions that can occur in companion dogs. You can use this library to get understandable, reliable information about both common and uncommon canine health disorders, including information about clinical signs/symptoms, diagnosis, current treatment options, and prognosis. We make every reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy of this information, but of course your veterinarian ultimately is the best source for precise medical information about your particular pet.


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