The South African Canine Breed Registry Documentation.

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  1. Single Dog Registration 2018 Application for a registered Canine in possession of a 3, 4, 5 generation pedigree. ”R80.00′‘ via E-Mail only,  R85.00 per Canine if printing is required.
  2. Multiple Dog Registration 2018  Application for multiple dogs, more than one.  (3, 4 and 5 generation pedigree applies). R80.00 via E-Mail only,  R85.00 per Canine if printing is required.
  3. Kennel Affix Registration  Kennel Affix name and Registration number of breeder ,  R250.00 per kennel affix. Once of fee, No annual fees required. (Free Printing)
  4. SACBR LITTER 2017  (Pdf) & SACBR LITTER 2017  (Excel) Registration of all puppies born in one litter. R80.00 per pup via E-Mail , R85.00 per pup if printing is required.
  5. SACBR-C.O.E – (Code Of Ethics, all breeders compelled to sign and return) ”Obligatory”
  6. SACBR Vet Card Front A & SACBR Vet Card Back B ( Free SACBR Inoculation cards for everybody)
  7. If postal services is required due to printing request, a registered post fee of R50.00 is required.
  8. Alternative: Registration documents available via e-mail, request from:

Proof of payment must accompany applications at all times

Cellphone & whats app applications photos Sent to us is not exceptable, please scan or fax


The SACBR issues 3,4,5 and 6 Generation detailed Pedigrees, our Genealogy family trees are perfectly detailed. we are the only canine studbook that can issue 6 generation pedigrees in South Africa with our state of the art software.

International breeders….

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