Welcome to the ” Canine Development Registry of South Africa ”.

We are a Canine independent Development Registry, a dog authority that upholds all Development purebred Registrations. Unregistered Purebred canines can be registered under the International Development Act,  for the less fortunate Dogs that deserves to be registered left out of the registration process due to not being registered at birth.

Founded for the Pet lover, that really cares about the welfare and breeding of purebred canines, promoting healthy dogs. Registered dogs can bring you a pride of ownership and more valuable pets and companions. Owners of purebred Development canines can benefit themselves by registering their bloodlines and pro-genies, knowing that their dogs belongs to a all dog studbook that protects all purebreds for future generations.


Single Development Dog Registration
A copy of your dog Veterinary Inoculation card is required, 2 Photographs and a Registration application must be signed of by your local Veterinarian and stamped with his practice number. Use a single dog Development registration application form for each dog. ”down-loadable” here. Single DEVELOPMENT registration 2017 Now only R200.00 per Canine until 16/06/2017.


Litter Registration

”’Both Parents”’ must be registered with the CDR of SA or prior or simultaneously. The CDR of SA  Code Of Ethics signed prior to Litter registration. Micro-chipping of puppies before the age of six month is not obligatory at the CDR of SA.”down-loadable” here. CDR Litter Registration 2017 Now only R80.00 per puppy until 16/06/2017 & CDR of SA C.O.E 2017

Kennel Affix / Membership Application

Registration of a Kennel Affix / Membership will give you peace of mind that you do belong to a Studbook and you can produce your Certificate to Authenticate. ”down-loadable” here. Kennel & Membership Registration 2017 CDR Now only R100.00 until 16/06/2017.


Registration Process
Complete the required CDR of SA Document,  All Canine Registration Certificates and kennel certificates  can be printed (hard copy) and posted via registered post (R50.00) or emailed ”free of charge”

New Services
All registration certificates and pedigrees e-mailed for your convenience to you (PDFs format only).


Office Hours:

Monday to Thursday: 8h00-16h00 &  Friday: 08H00-12H00. ( Closed: Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays)

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