The Poodle originates in Germany, where it was bred as a water retriever, used by duck hunters.  Three varieties are recognized, differentiated by size.  They are part of the Utility Group at breed conformation shows.
Standard poodles are currently available.  All breeding stock are free from genetic diseases.  Specializing in the following colours:  white, blue, black and occasionally silver.  Small boutique breeder.  Poodles have a royal life on the farm, loved and cared for by the whole family.  They love children and all activities including water sports, playing with toys and balls, just to name a few.  They are affectionate and loyal to their family and have non-shedding coats.  Standard poodles are excellent guard dogs on farms.  Poodles can be trimmed in various styles and clips. Puppies are VET checked and new owners are supplied with VET certificate of health, inoculations done and worming.  Restrictions may apply.  Stud services also available to registered approved bitches.  Contact breeder for more information and photos of puppies available.
Shipment to all major airports.
Contact person:  Mrs I Jansen Van Vuuren
Contact number:  083 453 4324
E-mail address:  poodlefame@gmail.com
Facebook page:  Ballylane Poodles
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