SACBR Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1)   Q. How do I register a dog from a different registry?
  1. You will need to send in a COPY of the front and back of your current registration certification showing your name as the owner along with a 3 generation pedigree and the processing fee is free.  If you are transferring ownership from the previous SACBR breeder / owner listed on the registration certificate you will also need to fill in the transfer section on the back of the certificate, there is a time limit to secure your free transfer.
  •   2)       Q.  What is a Pedigree?
  1.  A pedigree is the family tree of your dog.  It is available in 3, 4 or 5 generations.
  •  3)        Q.  How can I order a Pedigree?
  1. It can be ordered at the time of registration or later by mail.
  •  4)        Q.  How can I register my litter (new born puppies)?
  1. You will need to fill out a Litter application and submit that to us by fax or email. 
  •  5)        Q.  How can I register a dog that has no papers?
  1. Dogs that do not have papers cannot be registered with the SACBR because we are a pure-breed only registry and require documented lineage.  However, dogs that do not have documented lineage can be registered with the CDR of SA (Canine Development Registry of South Africa.
  •  6)        Q. What is the difference between SACBR and CDR of SA?
  1. SACBR certifies the pureness of the dog’s breed; CDR of SA does not.
  •  7)        Q.  If I have a CDR of SA pure-breed dog can it also be registered with SACBR?
  1. Only if  3 or more generation illustrating the purity of the linage has been achieved.
  •  8)        Q. What is the difference between SACBR and other registries?
  1. SACBR is the Elite service registry.  We provide the Fastest service available in S.A
  •   9)        Q. Can I register the litter and the parents at the same time?
  1. Yes, you will need to include a copy of the completed SACBR Canine Registration Form.
  •  10)        Q. How do I register a litter if one or both parents are not SACBR registered but are    registered with a different pure-breed registry?
  1. To register the litter, the parents do not need to be SACBR registered, but do need to be registered in a pure-breed registry approved by SACBR.  You will need to include a copy of the current certificate and a certified 3 generation pedigree on any parent not registered with SACBR.  You can request to dual register your dog with SACBR by checking the box on your litter application marked “Please register my non-SACBR registered dog with SACBR”.
  •  11)        Q. How long will it take to receive my papers back?
  1. SACBR processes all requests within 6 to 24 business hours after receiving the request,  Please Note: Some pedigrees need more research than others and may take longer to process and e-mail.
  •  12)        Q.  How can I acquire a duplicate of my certificate?
  1. Yes, you can call, fax or mail a request with your dog’s registration number and your contact information free of charge via e-mail.
  •  13)        Q.  How can I change my address in your files?
  • You will need to mail or fax your request including your old and new.
  • 14)         Q. Can I change my dog’s registered name?
  • Yes, you can change the registered name of your dog.  If you want to change the name of your dog after you have received its Official Registration Certificate you will need to  If you wish to change your dog’s name at the same time you are transferring him into your name from a previous owner, the breeder will need to mark the change on the Certificate before submitting it to us for transfer.  There is no additional fee for this name change.
  •   15)        Q. How does the microchip work?
  1. The microchip is a passive transceiver has a unique number that is read by a microchip scanner.  That number is searched for on a database to find the contact information of the person that registered the microchip to return the dog back to that person.  The microchip is not a GPS unit so it is not possible to find the dog by searching by the microchip number only; However when your dog is turned into the Humane Society or Animal Control they will be scanned for a microchip.  If a microchip is found and you have registered your dog with SACBR & the microchip company, we will be able to find the dog by searching by the microchip number.
  •  16)       Q. How can I send my papers?
  1. You can send your papers by mail, fax or by scanning & emailing them. 
  •   17)       Q. Is there any time limit for registering my dog or litter?
  • SACBR has a 6 month time limit or penalty for delayed registration of R20.00 Per dog is required.
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