Registration for the less fortunate ”Purebred Dogs” that does not have any Registration Documentation or Ancestry Records, a Development Registration Certificate will be issued if Canine is found to conform to the Specific breed standard of Race, for more information please send us an E-Mail to: Tel: 062 245 2856.


Requirements to start the Process sent via E-Mail to us: (Obligatory)

  1. Two photos of the canine, side and frontal view.
  2. Up to date Inoculation card of Canine.
  3. Pictures of Dam (Mother) & Sire (Father) of the Canine.
  4. The breeder details from whom the Canine was purchased.

Once all documentation is received, we will contact you regarding the approval or rejection of the Canine applied for. If approved, we will send you a Development Registration Application to register your Canine with the Canine Development Registry of South Africa.


The CDR of SA is a stand alone Independent Development Registry.

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