Dog Behaviour and Natural Dog Training
Website: http://www.trustworthydogs.com/

KERINGA INTERNATIONAL SA Most comprehensive pet service org
Website: http://www.keringa.co.za/

An expert Designer “Pooch Parlour” cut for your pooch (dogs and cats) Alberton.
Website: http://www.thepoochparlour.co.za/

South Africa Centre for listing missing pets
Website: http://www.lostdogs.co.za/

Furbabies dog training school
Website: http://www.furbabiestraining.co.za/

DogsinCats Comfy bedding for your Pet
Website: http://www.dogzincats.co.za/

DAZER Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent
Website: http://www.dazer.co.za/

Medipet dog and cat veterinary insurance
Website: http://www.medipets.co.za/

Pets 4U We’re For Pets
Website: http://www.pets4u.co.za/

Next Day Pet, Find a Pet, Gain a Companion
Website: http://www.nextdaypets.com/

The South-African Pet Friendly Directory
Website: http://www.petfriendly.co.za/

The # 1 Health Resource and Directory
Website: http://www.healthytotal.com/

SOUTHERN TARANTULAS welcome to the home of Southern Tarantula’s, striving to provide you with the best quality tarantula’s at the best price”
Website: http://www.southerntarantulas.co.za/

Canine Cancer Awareness
Website: http://www.caninecancerawareness.org/

The best dog walks….by far
Website: http://www.wildswalk.co.za/

Siberian Husky Breeders
Website: http://www.southernbreeze.co.za/

Scottish Terrier Breeders
Website: http://www.scottishclan.webs.com/

SA Studbook
Website: http://www.nda.agric.co.za/

Yell” the best Yellow pages
Website: http://www.yell.co.za/

South African Web
Website: http://www.saweb.co.za/

Pet Portrait Art Gallery
– Commission a painting of your pet by a top South African artist. We ship worldwide.

Website: http://www.ananzi.co.za/

a free directory for SA websites
Website: http://www.simplylinks.co.za/

South Africa on Line
Website: http://www.southafrica.co.za/

Pet Health Article courtesy of http://www.pressies4dogs.co.uk/

The WC Siberian Rescue Website is “LIVE” For the Love of our Breed.
If you have any or know of any Siberians that need to be up on this website – please email us. If you can assist with any of the dogs needing new homes, please let us know.
Natalie van der Merwe
Cape Town, South Africa
Email: info@wcsiberianrescue.co.za
Website: http://www.wcsiberianrescue.co.za/

Desperately Saving Lives.
Tracy Barrow is an amazing woman that operates her own rescue out of her own home. She has called her rescue “Desperately Saving Lives”. Tracy mainly takes in cats with the occasional dog here and there if need be. She currently has over 60 cats in her care (in her home!) with more in foster care and at her vet. As full as she is she is always willing to lend a helping hand to those cats in desperate need of a home. I can only imagine the hardships Tracy goes through as I know from experience with Adopt A Pet that homing cats is really no easy task!!
Contact Details: Tracy Barrow, 082 4966 470, Tracy.Barrow@fnb.co.za
FNB Umhlanga Crescent branch
Name – TL Barrow
Account Number – 50869073871
Branch Code –220629

Friends of Rescued Animals (FORA).
They have over 400 dogs in their care at any one time as well as approximately 100 cats. They do receive help from the public and schools in the area etc, but you can only imagine how much help they would actually need to keep a shelter with over 500 pets going!! They truly are amazing people and know each pet by name and can tell you every ones story!
Contact Details: Patti, 082 922 3820, warbee@mweb.co.za


Welcome to our site. www.petslostandfound.co.za

Here you can list lost and found pets online.

With this site we strive to re-unite missing pets with their owners in the shortest possible time.


Would you like to link with the SACBR and back, please pass us an E-mail

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