Registration for the less fortunate ”Purebred Dog” that does not have any Registration Documentation or Ancestry Records, a Development Registration Certificate will be issued if Canine is found to conform to the Specific breed standard of Race.

Open Conformity Registration Requirements:

  1. Canine Specimen must Conform and Represent the specific breed applied for.
  2. Canine Must be Microchipped.
  3. Two Photographs of Canine must accompany the Registration Application form.
  4. Canine must undergo a Veterinarian Certification.
  5. Previous Owner/Breeder must sign the Registration Application form.
  6. Canine Inoculation must be up to date (Verified by Veterinarian) on Application.
  7. We do not register Yorkshire terriers/biewer/biro and all other variety’s with open conformity applications.


If you can not adhere to the requirements, then please do not register your canine. all required fields on the application must be filled in. Proof of payment must accompany the application form. 

Download application here: (Click on a file to download)

A. Single Dog Open Conformity Registration Vet 2024

Disclaimer Notice:

We reserve the right to accept and/or decline any Canine at our discretion with or without declaring cause for acceptance and/or rejection of the Registration Application sent. (Fee will be reimbursed Promptly)

We cannot guarantee that dogs registered with the SACBR or their progeny are free from any inheritable or congenital defects or guarantee any standard of performance. The SACBR serves as a registry for purebred dogs and is a voluntary association of its members. We have no legislative powers to adjudicate between parties in dispute over the purchase & sale of puppies or the Purity of any canine.

For more information please send us an E-Mail to:

Tel: 074 129 6137 

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